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Wade Hampton Lodge No.404

12 Airport Road, Greenville SC 29607 Stated Communication First Tuesday of the Month 7:30 PM

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OES No.288



                                                          Past Masters


                1963                               1964                                1965                               1966                               1967
  Wade Hampton Green,Jr.        Maurice Crumley                Walt Stafford                 C. J. Peterson, Sr.        W. Wheeler Aiken, Jr.
               1968                                1969                                1970                               1971                               1972
      Maurice Cecil Laye              A. B. Collier, II               Douglas F. McCue               H.H. Goodwin                   Fred Collins
                 1973                              1974                                1975                               1976                               1977
       Arthure E. Moss               Ralph E. Mcneely              Jerry D. Phillips                Louis L. Boland               Leland H. Lowery
                1978                                 1979                              1980                                1981                               1982
     H. David Cunningham            Jack M. Kight             Douglas E. Greer, Jr.            Albert L. Hoppe             Edward L. Chapin, III
                1983                               1984                               1985                                1986                               1987
       Henry L. Polston            Donald W. Lookword         Sherwood L. Kaiser            Charles J. Saylors            Clark W. Holmes
               1988                                1989                                1990                               1991                                1992        
       Charles C. Saylors               John D. Miller               Donny Stevenson              Edgar Pitman, Jr.               W. J. Williams   
                1993                               1994                                1995                               1996                                1997
     Greely R. Palmer, Jr.            Larry E. Watts              Robert L. Cooley               Wayne M. Bryant          Jonathan J. Sprinkle  
               1998                                1999                               2000                               2001                                2002
     Charles F. Gaschler        Timothy Daniel Dorn            Martin B. Putman          Christopher I. Busha          Robert R. Taylor 
                2003                               2004                                2005                               2006                                2007
   Timothy W. Westbrook    Timothy W. Westbrook        John Daniel Walker       Sherwood L. Kaiser P.M.     Edward May Pool  
                2008                               2009                                2010                               2011                                2012
      Curtis A. Tyner, Jr.         Larry E. Watts P.M.           Tommy Joe Cole                    Mike Richards               Mark A. Bennett
                   2013                           2014                                   2015                                 2016
    Christopher C. Burkett     Jonathan J. Sprinkle        Christopher D. Knight            Silas J. Smith
        We thank these men, leaders and brothers for the foundation that has made this lodge what it is today!
                                                            Past Grand Lodge Officers
                                                  Henry H. Goodwin, Jr.                                  H. David Cunningham                 
                                            District Deputy Grand Master                        District Deputy Grand Master      
                                       18th Masonic District A.F.M of SC                 18th Masonic District A.F.M of SC 
                                                        1981-1982                                                       1983-1985                                 
                                                     Jonathan J. Sprinkle                              Greely R.(Guy) Palmer, Jr.
                                              District Deputy Grand Master                          Senior Grand Deacon
                                         18th Masonic District A.F.M of SC                     Grand Lodge A.F.M. of SC
                                                           1999-2000                                                   2001-2002
                                                                                           Mark A. Bennett
                                                                                            Grand Steward
                                                                                  Grand Lodge A.F.M. of SC
                                        Other Notable Officers
                                                                                 Sherwood L. Kaiser P.M.
                                                                         Potentate, Hejaz Temple, AAONMS
                                                                                      Jan.2001-Jan. 2002